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Blood in Shadow    

The ruthless assassin, Amir, has finally met his match. The stubborn human he kidnaps refuses to cower and tempts him with pleasures as sweet as they are forbidden.

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Amir lives for the hunt. The vampire assassin stalks his prey from within the shadows, never hesitating to kill those who stand in his way or threaten his new Queen. His new mission: find the human scientist who holds the key to an antidote that could save his people. But the woman he takes refuses to cower, refuses his demands, and confuses him with new desires that leave him aching to hear her moans as he sinks his fangs into her soft flesh.

Bodi can’t believe her life! Kidnapped by a vampire psychopath, she’s tasked with decoding the mysteries surrounding her father’s toxin. But she has bigger problems. She should be trying to escape the assassin, instead she dreams of escaping to his bed, of having his lips tease her in ways that leave her gasping. His sexy smiles prove more dangerous to her than his hidden blades and veiled threats.

But Amir isn’t the only one who covets Bodi. Skilled mercenaries have snuck into his territory to find the scientist, and his possessive claim to her means he won’t hand her over without a fight. Yet, Bodi can’t remain his prisoner forever, and soon he’ll need to make a decision. But can he let her go?