The Free Prequel

A Vampire Loves Forever
The fairytale that starts the Bonds of Damurios Series.

A valiant hero, a kidnapped heroine. But who’s in need of saving? It’s the vampire fairytale that starts it all…

Captain Jodhan DeMercer is given a mission. Rescue the daughter of a prominent vampire lord. But the mission is fraught with obstacles. The first being the vampire noblewoman, with eyes of ice that pierce his heart, has no intention of being rescued.
Laia has stolen away with a precious bundle. A human child—one she’s vowed to protect from greedy forces that seek the child’s mysterious power. But the handsome and determined Captain arrives to take them back, and that’s not an option for her. Besides, she’s no damsel in distress.
Sparks fly between the Captain and his reluctant target, and soon the mission becomes one of the heart. They flee, but the enemy is close at their heels. What lengths would Jodhan go to protect Laia and her charge when she’s already stolen his heart?

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