A Vampire Captain, A Kidnapped Lady. But Who's Saving Who?

It's the Vampire Fairy Tale That Starts It All

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Book Three, Queen’s Blood Claim.

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“OMG! It’s definitely amazing storytelling along with the most interesting creative characters that I absolutely loved!”— Amazon Reviewer.

She was born to rule, but her heart seeks to rule her…
Blood, vengeance, murder— it’s all vampires know and do so well. But Davina is their new Queen. She’ll be damned if her reign is defined by how many are killed. The only thing is, her biggest champion and love, Alexios, is still as ruthless as ever. When past guilt leads her to make an impulsive decision that unleashes vengeance and fury on her, she wonders if she’s cut out to rule these bloodthirsty vampires. And most importantly, whether her burgeoning relationship with Alexios will survive?

If protecting her means getting blood on his hands, so be it…
There’s not a day that goes by that Alexios doesn’t burn to have Davina all to himself. But her royal court schemes against her, and a band of humans plot vampire genocide. He’s eager to snap some necks, but Davina rebukes his methods. He’ll fight not only for her throne but for her love. But with the royal divide between them pulling her further away from his grasp, can he finally win his heart’s desire?

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