A Vampire Captain, A Kidnapped Lady. But Who's Saving Who?

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The decision
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 The Decision- A Bonds of Damurios Short Story


 Book Four


Amon is the People’s Champion — a gladiatorial warrior of impressive prowess, despite the apparent loss of his vampiric gifts and freedom. This is not the life he wants, and he can’t remember the one he lost. Through the waving crowds, a woman reaches out to him. Marius, she calls him, and he begins to believe he belongs to another world — one where her mischievous smiles and irresistible taste fuel his desires.

If Lexi doesn’t find the missing vampire she lost in a portal, she’s as good as dead. But Marius isn’t Marius. He’s Amon, the gladiator champion. She must convince him to escape with her, even as she tries to ignore the pleasure of his bite.

But Lexi is a fugitive, and when the fae intent on recapturing her finally catch up, she must flee. Now it’s his turn to do whatever it takes to keep her safe and out of prison. Will he be able to protect her from the clutches of her past? And most importantly, will they finally give in to the passion between them before she’s lost forever?

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Book Three, Queen’s Blood Claim.

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“OMG! It’s definitely amazing storytelling along with the most interesting creative characters that I absolutely loved!”— Amazon Reviewer.

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