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Sneak Peek: Meet Kelsey, Max…and Josef. new post_holiday (3)

Max is a fear demon and one who’s been in search of a mate. When Kelsey enters his club, the jolt to his soul has him itching to claim her. But there is just one complication– the vampire, Josef, who has stalked his dreams for centuries.

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A Preview: Worthy of Submissionwolf howl

Jackson lives in the shadow of his powerful alpha family– as his father’s shame. That’s because Jackson was born omega. But he’s determined to live his own life on his own terms and to hell with what others think. But then one day, Marcus entered his office…

Read the snippet of the new wolf shifter m/m romance coming in 2020.

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Enjoy the Bonus Short Story here:
 The Decision- A Bonds of Damurios Short Story






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