Amon is the People’s Champion — a gladiatorial warrior of impressive prowess, despite the apparent loss of his vampiric gifts and freedom. This is not the life he wants, and he can’t remember the one he lost.

If Lexi doesn’t find the missing vampire she lost in a portal, she’s as good as dead. But Marius isn’t Marius. He’s Amon, the gladiator champion. She must convince him to escape with her, even as she tries to ignore the pleasure of his bite.

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He’s a vampire warrior lost in a magical portal.
She, a pink-haired fugitive fae.
She must rescue him or else.
He vows to win her heart.

“The people love you, the gods favor you. You’re their champion warrior—the great Amon. Care to visit my chambers this eve?” Her pale fingertips skimmed his dark, sweaty flesh. “A warrior like you surely knows how to conquer my demons.” Her voiced tugged at something in his memory that clamored to rise to the surface.

“My lady.” Amon dipped his head to her. “You honor me.” From the finery she wore, she was not a member of the lower classes. “I’m booked tonight, but maybe another.”

She chuckled. “I’m sure you’re booked tonight and every night thereafter. You’re a fine specimen of male flesh. But I’ve come a long way to find you and require your services. Don’t worry. I’ll make it worth the while of you and your ludus.”

Amon gasped when she finally removed the hood from her head. A tumble of white and pink hair draped across her shoulders, the pink darker at the tips. Green eyes sparkled at him as if a galaxy hid within their depths, and her pointed ears indicated some type of fae ancestry.

And she was the most beautiful being he’d ever seen.

His head throbbed. No. Not now. He didn’t need to suffer one of his debilitating headaches before he returned to his chambers.

He dipped his head again, sure to show her the respect demanded from one of her station. “Your beauty is dazzling, my lady. Surely you don’t require a filthy and wretched warrior like me to keep you company.”

She frowned at him, and he wondered if he’d offended her.

The pounding in his head intensified and he grimaced. “Please excuse me, my lady. I must have my wounds tended to.” He stepped back.

“Wait!” Crying out, she grabbed his arm. He looked down at her hand, which seemed to burn his flesh. “I’ll get you out of this. I promise you, Marius.”

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