Jason’s Dilemma

Jason is a vampire, fierce, compassionate…and undergoing a peculiar transformation. But he gets kidnapped by a vexingly beautiful man, who breathes fire. So, what happens when a dragon kidnaps a vampire?

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Jason’s Dilemma, follows Jason, the youngest sireling of Alexios. The Damming is upon all vampires, but Jason is experiencing the worst of it. A winged monster is clawing its way out of him and Jason is desperate to conquer the beast.

But, he gets kidnapped! A beautiful scaled man who breathes fire takes Jason and introduces him to a world he dared not dream existed. Now Jason must figure out why he feels an irresistible pull to the scoundrel who absconded with him?

 Jason stood in stony silence scowling at Cade. He had to stay on guard. This man was crafty, a decent fighter, and incredibly distracting. He’d need his wits about him if he wanted to commandeer the ship.

“First, tell me about the fire,” he pointed his finger at Cade.

He couldn’t believe he’d forgotten about that. The scoundrel had tried to barbeque him!

“Were you trying to kill me or was it another of your lame illusions? Did you conjure it?”

Cade chuckled shaking his head. “I didn’t conjure the fire, Jason. I am fire.”

Get the Holiday short story set right after book two:
7 Steps for a Vampire Christmas

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