Bonds of Damurios, A Vampire Fantasy Series

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Book Three

QBCQueen’s Blood Claim continues Davina and Alexios’ journey. Davina is the new vampire Queen hoping to find her way in her new Queendom. But her mistakes come back to haunt her and begin to unravel the bond she has with her fiercest champion, Alexios.

Alexios still dreams for Davina to be his completely. But their enemies complicate their lives, and Davina doesn’t take to his ruthless way of solving their problems.

The royal divide between them keeps growing, will they overcome?

“Thank you again for your counsel, Lord Minister. I’ll think on your recommendations.” He bowed to her and turned on his heel, but not before sparing Alexios an irritated glance.

Alexios rose to greet Davina and saw the tension lining her face. “What was that about?”

She shook her head. “Just more babble from my overseers. I’m really getting tired of it. I think I’ll need to make some very unpopular changes around here if they insist on trying to have me shackled.”

“It comes with the territory. But let’s wait until we identify all who stand against you before we arm them with more ammunition.”

Davina narrowed her eyes. “I’m not waiting. They’re insufferable and forget themselves. I’m not ruled by them. They are ruled by me!”

“Yes, but things have changed since your mother’s time— “

“Alexios. They’re insisting I find a mate and continue my line.”

He froze. His heart lurched into his throat, and he stumbled as if the ground had given out underneath him. Down he fell; down a dark precipice from which he had no lifeline to hold on to.

It was his worst fears come true. Her nation wanted heirs, a royal family—one he couldn’t provide.

Book Two

Bk2 3Dpromo

The second installment, Jason’s Dilemma, follows Jason, the youngest sireling of Alexios. The Damming is upon all vampires, but Jason is experiencing the worst of it. A winged monster is clawing its way out of him and Jason is desperate to conquer the beast.
But, he gets kidnapped! A beautiful scaled man who breathes fire takes Jason and introduces him to a world he dared not dream existed. Now Jason must figure out why he feels an irresistible pull to the scoundrel who absconded with him?

  Jason stood in stony silence scowling at Cade. He had to stay on guard. This man was crafty, a decent fighter, and incredibly distracting. He’d need his wits about him if he wanted to commandeer the ship.
“First, tell me about the fire,” he pointed his finger at Cade.
He couldn’t believe he’d forgotten about that. The scoundrel had tried to barbeque him!
“Were you trying to kill me or was it another of your lame illusions? Did you conjure it?”
Cade chuckled shaking his head. “I didn’t conjure the fire, Jason. I am fire.”

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Book One


Dark Blooded Desires is the first book in the Bonds of Damurios series. It begins the tale of Davina, who was found floating in the vastness of space. She awakes not knowing who and what she is and finds herself in the company of the handsome vampire captain, Alexios, and his crew. But they both have secrets that will ultimately change the course of both their lives.

Alexios loved her scent. Her copper skin shimmered in a wonderful contrast against his, and her eyes glowed golden. He had known that her normally brown eyes shone golden when she was emotional, and he scented her arousal. Her reaction to him pleased him immensely. Gods, she was magnificent; he had always thought so. And he wanted her, always had. His cock strained painfully against his pants. He wanted to devour her, taste her, drink her. He wanted to make her his. But it would never be, especially not if she was who she said she was, as he longed for her to be.

She said she didn’t remember her name or who she was. Intriguing. Amnesia? How convenient. He wanted to taste her for his own pleasure, but he would unearth the truth from her memories. That could not be fabricated. He would be able to see it all—all her past and any hidden malicious intentions.

“How could you find out who I am?”

Her golden eyes opened wide in innocent wonder, and he felt an overwhelming urge to protect her. He would do so if he found her to be true.

“I have a way,” he said. He watched her closely to see how she would react to what he had to say next. “I have special abilities that grant me access to someone’s past. All it takes is for me to harvest your blood.”

Davina wrinkled her nose as she took in what he said. “Harvest my blood?”

Alexios sighed, disappointed by her response. Didn’t she know the creature he was? Wasn’t that part of the reason she was on this ship? She must be aware they were vampires. Damunaki, children of the blood.

“I am vampire. As are all the others on this ship. And I suspect you are as well.”

A flicker of recognition flashed across her face before she looked away as if in thought, then after a few moments she asked, “You’ll drink my blood?” She looked up at him with hesitancy in her beguiling eyes.

He groaned. He wanted to drink her and more, wanted to feel her writhing against his body. “Yes, let me taste you.” He stepped closer again and felt his fangs elongating. He wanted her badly and it was getting difficult to reign in his lust. He could almost feel the pleasure of her blood pumping in his mouth, a carnival of delight dancing on his tongue.

Her eyes glazed over as she rubbed her body against his. The scent of her was intoxicating, heightening his desire. She tipped her head back, exposing her smooth, copper-toned neck to him.

“Please,” she whimpered. He leaned in and nuzzled her neck, nipping at her skin. Her delightful taste went straight to his cock, and it throbbed for release. He eased his fangs into her neck and let out a shuddering breath as her blood flooded his mouth. Fireworks erupted behind his eyelids, and his whole body shook, pleasure blooming over his body. He ground his erection against her, holding her tightly against his body. Her blood was like ambrosia, like nothing he had ever tasted before, and he drank her liquid fire greedily. In the back of his mind, he knew needed to stop soon, but all he heard were the mewling noises she made as she pressed her body against his. She held onto him, her nails digging into his back. His eyes fluttered closed as her life force barreled through him and filled him with a divine euphoria that quickened the primal essence of him.

Without warning, images bombarded his mind. Normally, it took a few minutes or hours to receive memories after he’d finished drinking, but hers roared to stage. He retracted his fangs and stumbled back. The images, her memories, assaulted his mind, and he cried out, holding his head. His body—every tissue, cell, and pore—seemed to explode. The ache in his head crippled him, so intense was the pain. He couldn’t believe what was laid bare before his mind. It amazed and terrified him.

Before he could calm himself or settle his mind, Davina attacked his throat.

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